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Insurance Market Access
Access to essentially all health and ancillary insurance for you and your employees.
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National Affiliations
Part of a $3.8 billion dollar company in 14 countries with more than 1,000 locations able to deliver best in class resources to serve through talented professionals and specialized value-added services.
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Strategic Planning
We develop a customized, comprehensive strategic plan for each of our clients that determines objectives and positions benefit strategies to work in support of the overall corporate direction. We provide detailed outlines of the actions needed to accomplish those goals. Once implemented, we review and refine the benefit plan regularly.
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Platinum Service
All of our clients have access to our team of professionals dedicated to serving their needs. Each client can access our team through a single point of contact, making working with us seamless and easy.
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A dedication and commitment to excellence in our services offering to the business community, as well as the institutional knowledge and resourcefulness to navigate any circumstance.
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We use state-of-the-art technology to provide our customers with the latest data procurement and analysis techniques, as well as legislative resources and tools for communication and human resources administration.
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Subject Matter Expertise
We engage the services of actuaries and ERISA attorneys to assist with financial management and compliance delivering a platform of confidence that companies can successfully manage from in delivering a comprehensive benefits program.
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Actuarial Services Offered Service
We offer Compliance Overview publications, human resources and employment law updates and related materials for a variety of compliance requirements, including the Affordable Care Act (ACA), COBRA, HIPAA, Leaves of Absence (FMLA/PFML), Medicare Part D, Comprehensive Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD’s) and more.
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ACA Tax Form Preparation
We offer ACA tracking and tax form preparation, including the distribution of the tax forms to your employees.
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ACA Tax Form Preparation Offered Service
Data Analysis
Using employee claims data “when available” from our client’s carriers or TPA, we analyze your data and help you discover how and where to adjust your plan design to save money. We can even model recommended changes to show you the potential savings.
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Benefit Plan Analysis
We help you analyze your benefits plan costs against reliable benchmark information, project the impact of medical and dental plan design changes, estimate your renewal costs, and streamline the plan selection process for your employees.
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Benefit Plan Analysis Offered Service
Human Resources Tools and Support
HR360 ® , a powerful employee communication portal, is available to you. This online tool helps you increase productivity, streamline processes, improve communication, and save money.
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Human Resources Tools and Support Offered Service
Pharmacy Benefits Services
Through arrangements with two leading pharmacy benefits managers, we have access to national pharmacy networks, significant discounts, pharmacy benefits, modeling tools and more.
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Pharmacy Benefits Services Offered Service
A global network offering a variety of exceptional services to employers, through our partnership with Acrisure, LLC.
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Community Offered Service
Custom Communication
We can assist you with all phases of employee communication, from employee meetings to payroll stuffers to informative brochures about employee benefits and wellness.
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Custom Communication Offered Service
Benefit Guides
With the Benefits at a Glance and electronic packet options, as well as related materials, we can help you understand, plan, implement and educate employees about employee benefits.
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Benefit Guides Offered Service
BenAdmin Platform
The offer and technical support of a state-of-the-art Benefits Administration portal for your organization through Employee Navigator. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team will set-up your Organization so enrollments can be managed online 24/7/365.
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BenAdmin Platform Offered Service
Benefit Administration Services
Solutions to assist your organization and HR team with benefits onboarding and offboarding benefit eligible employees, as well as enrollment changes with carriers.
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Benefit Administration Services Offered Service
Carrier Technology
The set-up and maintenance of electronic file feeds with multiple benefit carriers to assist in a seamless benefits enrollment, terminations, and COBRA process, streamlining your organizations benefits enrollment process.
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Carrier Technology Offered Service
Payroll Integration
Seamless payroll integration options with several industry leading payroll partners. Our dedicated team takes on the bulk of the work to get your team integrated to streamline work within your organization and reduce duplicate work for your HR and payroll professionals.
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